WorldMUN 2015: Our preparations for the conference have started

We have started preparing for WorldMUN 2015 a few weeks ago. After making ourselves familiar with giving improvised speeches on certain issues, we continued with applying the Rules of Procedure during our lessons. In order to enable the delegation to successfully participate at Model United Nations conferences, it is important to practise the proper use of the Rules of Procedure. While one of our head delegates played the role of the committee chair, the other participants chose a country of their preference so that we could practise the rules in a realistic environment.

Following the introduction of the Rules of Procedure, we took a further step. This step included the preparation of working papers on a special topic, with which we could be confronted in the near future at one of the upcoming national conferences in Erfurt or Heidelberg. During this part of the course we tried to find appropriate allies to formulate working papers and we started to learn how to formulate a consensual position.