Final preparations before departure

On Friday afternoon, February 20 and Saturday morning, February 21, we had an additional session to prepare ourselves for the WorldMUN conference. After an introductory presentation on Algeria from our faculty advisor, the delegates gave presentations on their respective committees. The committee’s topics, structure and members were discussed and we were debating and advising on how to best approach the different issues from an Algerian perspective. Our visit to the Algerian Embassy in Berlin and to the Federal Foreign Office were very helpful to work out positions, that represent the Algerian agenda as close to reality as possible.

After having discussed our position papers and possible negotiation strategies, we moved into clarifying the final organizational aspects of our visit to Korea and planned our participation at the conference’s social events. By now, we are all looking forward to the conference and to get to know all the other delegates and we can’t wait to experience the city of Seoul and the Republic of Korea.