WorldMUN 2016: Our preparations for the conference have started

In the last few weeks we’ve been practising for the WORLDMUN 2016 IN ROME. After writing and  performing written speeches, we practised holding improvised speeches, since these types of speeches are more common and thus essential for our tasks at the upcoming MUNs. This was followed by a crucial exercise in applying the RULES OF PROCEDURE. We gained a better understanding for the difference between procedural and substantive matters, the general work sequence and structure of committees at WorldMUN (from agenda setting to a resolution) and – more specific – the use of points and motions for strategic purposes.

2vaBnNpo2HwE00Nbbtu3QLHlEC6XXKGz2sOsLpWMHsoWe are currently (as can be seen in the picture right below) working on our negotiation skills, with the help of a role play, regarding consultations between three fictional companies (Neptune, Pluto, Venus). The results of each of the three different groups can be seen on the blackboard and are proof, that bargaining power depends on more than it meets the eye, since the basic configurations were equal for each group. In the upcoming weeks we will shift our focus on how to write working papers, draft resolutions and amendments.