Study trip to Berlin

Having in mind the upcoming Harvard World Model United Nations Conference in Montréal on March 13th to 17th, the delegation from Jena undertook, as in preceding years, a study trip to Berlin on February the 23th. Because we, the delegation from the Friedrich-Schiller-University, will be representing Sierra Leone in Montréal, we startet with a visit to the Embassy of Sierra Leone. Afterwards, our delegation got the opportunity to visit the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and last but not least talked to Katja Maria Decker from the German Foreign Ministry.

We met at 6.45 am at the train station Jena Paradies and arrived in Berlin at 10 am. After a relatively long way through rainy Berlin we arrived at the Embassy of Sierra Leone, where we were welcomed by four representatives of the Embassy. The staff of the Embassy gave us a general overview of Sierra Leone, but also answered all of the questions we prepared in detail. Moreover, we had the chance to gain an insight into issues that will also be discussed in Montréal. After this conversation, we already felt very well prepared for our upcoming trip.

The next station was the Canadian Embassy in Berlin. We had the opportunity to meet the First Secretary at Canadian Embassy, Eugenie Cormiere-Lassonde, who could tell us a lot about Canada in general, political issues and her work at the Embassy.  She even gave us insider sightseeing tips for Montréal and the region of Quebec. Afterwards, Marta Neüff from the Canadian Embassy gave us an insight into the Embassy in general and showed us the conference rooms.

The last stop of our study trip was the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We met Katja Maria Decker who had prepared detailed information concerning Sierra Leone. She gave us a profound overview of the country, told us about the political and economic situation and answered our questions.

Our study trip ended at 8.45 pm at the train station Jena Paradies. We gained a lot of new experiences, got informed very well and learned about different issues regarding the country we want to represent in Montréal.

We, as the delegation from the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, would like to wholeheartedly thank the Embassy of Sierra Leone, the Canadian Embassy and Katja Maria Decker from the German Foreign Ministry for the opportunity to have such an unique exchange of perspectives and ideas and to gain new information and experiences through this discourses.