Heidelberg National MUN Conference 2017

Heidelberg National MUN Conference 2017

We, the delegation of the Harvard WorldMUN 2017, Montréal, accompanied by our delegation colleagues Giorgi Munjishvili and Florian Zschoche, participated at the 7th Heidelberg National MUN Conference 2017. The Conference, which for all of us was our first experience at a Model United Nation, took place during the weekend from January 7th to 8th 2017. Our delegation was attendant in two of three committees: First, in the double-delegate committee General Assembly debating the topic Safeguarding the right to self-determination in the 21st century, representing the countries Canada, Georgia and Italy. Second, in the single-delegate committee World Bank, dealing with the topic “Financing development”, representing Ecuador.

  1. United Nations General Assembly – Safeguarding the Right of Self-Determination in the 21th Century

Marcel Sommer and Lukas Syskowski represented the country Canada. This choice had two benefits: On one hand Canada’s experience as a country with several separatist movements gave enough background to come up with fruitful arguments about the topic. On the other hand both delegates already collected information about the country’s characteristics which already had been a preparation for the Harvard WorldMUN 2017 in Montréal. During the unmoderated caucuses they achieved to be one out of four sponsors for the draft resolution which at the end successfully passed. They proudly contributed to important issues such as political participation and access to education. The delegates found partners in the delegations  of the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Yemen.

Marike Seusing and Georgi Munjishvili, the delegates of Georgia, were approached by the bloc led by the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China. Due to the ongoing conflict with the Federation of Russia, which endows separatist movements in some provinces of Georgia, the delegates preferred to negotiate with partners from the European Union. For Georgia it was important to maintain national sovereignty. Therefore the delegation focussed on supporting national referendum mainly based on internal and non-aggressive factors.

Antonia Rausch and Sebastian Witte represented the Republik of Italy which experienced the problem of the right of self-determination in its history. Because of the separation of Tirol and previous demonstrations with deaths and casualties in the 1960ies till 1980ies, Italy was interested in peacekeeping and diplomatic solutions to protect the traditions of minorities as well as the sovereignty of states during the conference. Italy was one of the signatories of the passed resolution and consequently one of the pleased countries that promoted cooperation within the western states.

  1. The World Bank – Financing development

Florian Zschoche was assigned to be the delegate of Ecuador, a small latin american country with limited voting power in the World Bank. During the ongoing negotiations Ecuador was forced to be a part of an anti-Western coalition with Russia, China, Venezuela and other regional and local powers in the Global South. The delegates in the World Bank committee discussed two topics, the first dealing with a project in the Democratic Republic Congo, the second with a case of aid fungibility in the Ukraine. After some discussions the committee reached unanimous consensus. The first topic was debated very passionately  and the committee managed to draft two conflicting resolutions, of which only one was past. Ecuador was supporting the resolution that could not be passed because of its diverse aspects.


We are very proud and fortunate having participated at the 7th Heidelberg National MUN Conference due to the rich experiences we made. Furthermore, we want to thank the very professional and pleasant honourable Chair, who guided us through the entire conference, as much as all cooperative delegates who submitted such great results. Besides the improvements of our negotiation and performance skills, we had the chance to get in touch with a lot of interesting and ambitious people. Enriched by this experience we are looking forward to giving our best at the Harvard WorldMUN in Montréal 2017!