WorldMUN Christmas Evening

Nine students from Jena will fly to Panama City in March 2018 to take part in the UN simulation of Harvard University. In order to introduce the programme to the Friedrich Schiller University community, all the members of the delegation organized Christmas event with homemade cookies and Glühwein. All the guests had a chance to buy something and in such a way to support this educational trip.


The evening program was moderated by one of the delegates Lara Hoffmann, who introduced not only the whole delegation at the beginning but also made a flashback to past WorldMUNs. The Christmas spirit was then initiated by a jazz vocal contribution by Carolina Rehrmann, a member of the Department of International Relations. Afterwards, Steve Biedermann, a member of the Department of International Organizations and Globalization, presented the German Society for the United Nations and informed about the history, goals and activities of the DGVN. He pointed, that WorldMUN is a unique opportunity for students to see learn deeply about the work of the UN and in such a way encouraged students to apply next years. The following thing, that was presented was the historical film  „Merry Christmas“ for the Christmas Peace 1914, which was arranged by the delegate Janine Stibaner. Before a short program break, Franziska Sandt, a lecturer at the Department of International Organizations and Globalization and Faculty Advisor of the WorldMUN Delegation, read a Christmas story from O’Henry.


During a short break, all the guests were able to relax a little bit to try Christmas cookies and Glühwein. Next step of the programme was two Christmas stories in Poetry Slam style read by the author. After that three members of WorldMUN delegation 2018 from Ukraine Iryna Sheremeta, Olexandra Panova and Olha Zhuk told some facts about Ukrainian Christmas traditions. To conclude, two short poems followed. Scheuermann, one of the professors of Department of International Organizations and Globalization. The evening finished on the high jazz note thanks to a new vocal contribution from Mrs Rehrmann, who once again impressed the audience with her great voice.


After the official program, there was once again the opportunity for a short conversation and sharing of Christmas wishes to each other with Glühwein and cookies. On behalf of the whole delegation, we are grateful for the financial support of the DGVNF,  that made this evening possible