Heidelberg National MUN 2018 Experiences

On the weekend of January 13 to 14 2018 our delegation took part in the 8th Heidelberg National MUN 2018. We were accompanied by our delegation colleague Merve Okumus. Never before has anyone of us participated in a MUN and we were all very excited and a little bit nervous. Thanks to the preparation of the organizers in Heidelberg it was a great opportunity to gain some experience for this year’s WorldMUN in Panama City. In Heidelberg there were two committees present: The General Assembly and the NATO. Our delegation represented different countries within the General Assembly.

The topic before the General Assembly was Digitalization and Development and gave us the chance to dig into an issue that is very important in the whole world.

Carolin Brandenburg and Oliver Laskowski represented France and were lucky to have a huge contribution in the outcome of the draft resolution, which in the end successfully passed. Thanks to their broad passion concerning this topic, the speeches hold by this delegation were well remembered by all the participants in Heidelberg.

Janine Stibaner and Merve Okumus represented India in the General Assembly. As India’s role is a very significant in the global setting of digitalization, this delegation had the chance to really bring the discussion forward – in the moderated as well as in the unmoderated caucus. Because of their very eager preparation in the weeks before, they had a profound knowledge of all the topics being debated.

Iryna Sheremeta and Olexandra Panova, the delegates of North Korea, offered the most interesting ideas when it comes to digitalization in a globalized world, even though it was by far the most difficult role to engage in. Due to their commitment the whole weekend they managed to support an amendment which finally passed.

Olha Zhuk was assigned to be the representor of Ukraine and could contribute in the debate with specific ideas and demands. Especially her work in the unmoderated caucus discussing with other delegations enriched the debate and contributed to a successful result.

Lara Hoffmann and Lisa Anke had the opportunity to represent Afghanistan with the country most in need for digitalization. In the moderated caucus they explained the special necessity for developing countries in their area and in the unmoderated caucus they connected with other delegation and were signatories of various working papers, amendments and the draft resolution within the process.

All in all, our delegation was very glad to have participated in this special setting of the Neue Aula at the Heidelberg National MUN. Thanks to this opportunity we caught the MUN spirit and cannot wait enlarge our experiences at the WorldMUN in Panama City 2018.