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Picture of Aleksandra Karadeniz Picture of Aleksandra Karadeniz Image: WorldMun Jena

Aleksandra Karadeniz (23), a B.A. student in Arabic and Intercultural Business Communication is active as a student representative in various committees at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. She is interested in how to resolve conflicts worldwide, including various cultural approaches to problem solving. Aleksandra strongly believes in the importance of international communication and cooperation in today’s globalized world. Her professional goal is to become a career diplomat. She is excited to be a part of WorldMUN in Madrid and appreciates the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn about other perspectives on current global issues.

Picture of Anne-Marie Schlecht Picture of Anne-Marie Schlecht Image: WorldMun Jena

Anne-Marie Schlecht (22) studies for her B.A. in Sociology and Political Science at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena. She successfully participated in last year’s UNIGA, a university internal simulation of the UN General Assembly. As a part of the Dutch Delegation she gained some diplomatic experience and is now very much looking forward to her first WorldMUN experience in Madrid. Someday she wants to contribute to solving international conflicts and is strongly convinced that global challenges should be solved only through dialog-based cooperation. Therefore, she appreciates the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to understand what it means to be part of a big international organization.

Picture of Daniel Schäfer Picture of Daniel Schäfer Image: WorldMun Jena

Daniel Schäfer (21) is a third year B.A. student of political science and intercultural business communications at the Friedrich Schiller Universität. He successfully participated at this year’s UNIGA as the delegation of the United States of America. As a member of different university committees, he represents students and their interests. In his free time, he is engaged for different national and international organizations focusing on European unity, security politics, international relations, and peace and conflict studies. This engagement expresses itself in attending conferences, meetings, hearings and other political events. He is looking forward to using his experience in the upcoming WorldMUN.

Picture of Emmely Schröder Picture of Emmely Schröder Image: WorldMun Jena

Emmely Schröder (20) is a third year B.A. student of Communication Science and Intercultural Studies and Business Communications at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena. Her main interest, besides of the United Nations and their organizations, are the intercultural negotiations at the WorldMUN in Madrid. She was always interested in peacekeeping and human rights and wants to understand the worlds views on wars, discrimination or environmental disasters. She already gained international experience on her trips around the world and is passionate about learning different languages as well as discovering other cultures. In her leisure time she is working for a local radio program and loves to do sports, such as Yoga and Tae Kwon Do. It will be Emmely’s first Model UN conference and she is excited to be part of it and gain new unforgettable experiences.

Picture of Jakob Sussmann Picture of Jakob Sussmann Image: WorldMun Jena

Jakob Sußmann (21) studies Political Science and Intercultural-Economic-Communication at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. He is currently in his third B.A. semester and took the chance to participate at the WorldMUN, because he is interested on how international politics work in practice. The WorldMUN is probably a good opportunity to not only have an inside in multicultural debates and how the United Nations function, but also to work on strategies as a team and defend them. He wants to improve his negotiation skills and learn how it speak freely in front of a lot of people. Also, he is excited to meet other students from around the world, who are interested in the same topics and hear their different opinions and views how to solve problems in the globalized world of today.

Picture of Roland von Kintzel Picture of Roland von Kintzel Image: WorldMun

Roland von Kintzel (24) is currently in his second semester in M.A. Politics at FSU Jena. Roland studied Social Sciences, Media Science and Politics in Düsseldorf. In his bachelor’s thesis, he addressed the applicability of the United Nations’ Peacebuilding concept in the post-soviet era. He has always been into politics and has also absolved a couple of internships at relevant institutions. Roland’s focus lies on political philosophy, but he is also into security policy and peace studies. In his free time, Roland likes meeting his friends, visiting political events, playing the Bayan, and working on his projects as an Anne Frank ambassador. It is Roland’s first time at MUN and he is very interested in the upcoming negotiations.

Picture of Sophia Stier Picture of Sophia Stier Image: WorldMun

Sophia Stier (24) is finishing her B.A. in Art History- Film Studies (mayor) and Intercultural Business-communication (minor) at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. International relationships and intercultural communication have always appealed to her, even as the world grows together more and more. Getting in touch with the along coming conflicts as a young travelling student does very much concern her, which is why the UN as a global conflict administration is her main political interest. Even therefore, since its per se the most challenging concerns in this world affecting everyone. Also, it is part in her mayor studies because there is great correlation between cultural artistic values, cultural heritage and global issues. Accordingly, participating in the World MUN is a great opportunity to her for both, to learn how international organizations like the UN work and act, and to apply theoretical knowledge of strategies for world problems solution approaches. She is strongly convinced that experiences World MUN is providing, will be of great value to her professional and civic development and she very much welcomes the chance to contribute to the success of the FSU Delegation during the conference and to work with other students from all over to world.