Delegation Vancouver 2012

Delegation South Sudan
Image: WorldMun Jena

Seven students of the Friedrich Schiller University are forming the delegation of South Sudan at the WorldMun 2012 in Vancouver.

The Delegation

Janine Dersin Janine Dersin Image: Janine Dersin

Janine Dersin, 24 years old, is studying political science (master) at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena in her first semester. Already during her bachelor's degree she attended numerous events on international politics and international organizations and wrote her bachelor thesis on the application problems of the Responsibility To Protect in the event of natural disasters. In addition to her studies, she works as a research assistant for the Chair of International Organizations and Globalization. Her strong interest in new countries, other people and cultures led her, among other things, to volunteer for several months in the field of nature conservation in New Zealand. Her participation in WorldMUN 2012 in Vancouver enables her to further deepen the contacts and experiences already gained at WorldMUN 2011 in Singapore about international diplomacy and to develop interesting and innovative approaches to current problems in international politics together with many other people from all over the world ,

Jörg Hebenstreit Jörg Hebenstreit Image: Jörg Hebenstreit

Jörg Hebenstreit, 24 years old, is studying political science at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena in his third semester. He completed his bachelor's degree in political science (core subject) and intercultural business communication (supplementary subject) with a thesis on the democratic theoretical potential of the Internet using the example of Obama's health care reform. In addition to his studies, he also works as a tutor at the Chair for Political Theory. As head delegate he especially wants to pass on his impressions and experiences gathered in Singapore at the WorldMun 2011 to new seminar participants. In addition, he would like to take advantage of the opportunity to deepen his technical, political, (inter-) cultural and linguistic knowledge - as conveyed at a WorldMUN conference. In his free time, he prefers to play handball and volleyball, attend concerts and spend many hours with friends, music and literature.

Franziska Rode Franziska Rode Image: WorldMun Jena

Franziska Rode, 24 years old, is studying political science at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena in the 3rd master semester. She also completed her bachelor's degree (core subject political science, supplementary subject intercultural business communication) in Jena and has been working intensively with the United Nations for two years. With the acquired knowledge, she particularly enjoyed participating in the UniGA (2009) taking place in Jena and the IsarMUN in Munich (2010). The WorldMUN conference in Vancouver sees Franziska as a wonderful opportunity to get an insight into international negotiations and to be an active diplomat. After graduating from high school, Franziska worked abroad for one year in Greece and Spain. Since then, she has been very interested in the culture of Spain, especially that of the Canary Islands. The trained singer devotes her free time to music and her friends.

Christian Jänsch Christian Jänsch Image: Christian Jänsch

Christian Jänsch, 25 years old, is studying political science (major) and human geography (minor) at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena in his 5th semester. The focus of his bachelor's degree lies in the field of political theory and the history of ideas as well as in the great interest in the work of international organizations. The orientation of the minor in economic and social geography extends his enthusiasm for political and geographic issues. For him, being part of the WorldMUN delegation from Jena represents a great opportunity for his practical training at the university. In addition to the coming discussion with the embassy of South Sudan in preparation for the WorldMun, he is particularly looking forward to the diverse cultural impressions, which the Canadian city has to offer, and at the same time no less to the diplomatic challenges and negotiation strategies of the international conference. Outside of the university, he is interested in mainly philosophical and American literature, listening to and making music, photography and good conversations with friends. With this study trip to North America, a childhood dream is now coming true.

Franziska Sandt Franziska Sandt Image: Franziska Sandt

Franziska Sandt, 23 years old, is studying political science at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena in her first semester. Already during her B.A. degree in sociology and political science, she became increasingly interested in global politics. Because of this, she would like to use the master's program to deepen her knowledge in the fields of international relations and foreign policy as well as international organizations and globalization. After graduating from high school, she discovered her interest in distant countries and foreign cultures and spent several months in New Zealand. There, she was particularly fascinated by the coexistence of the cultures of the native Maori and the descendants of the former British settlers. WorldMUN 2012 offers her the unique opportunity to get a practical insight into international diplomacy and to be able to view global issues from different perspectives.

Friederike Selle Friederike Selle Image: WorldMun Jena

Friederike Selle, 22, is studying political science and sociology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena in her 5th semester. In the last semester, she already took the "United Nations" module with Prof. Dr. Manuel Fröhlich and took part in the UNIGA simulation. She has already gathered important experience and information about the UN and negotiation strategies. During school, she spent eleven months at an American high school and is therefore always open to new cultures and countries. As a member of the Student Council for Political Science, she likes to organize and work in a team. She has set high goals for WorldMUN and is looking forward to this unique experience of putting what she has learned into practice and thus getting closer to her dream of working in an international organization.

Alisa Weinhold Alisa Weinhold Image: WorldMun Jena

Alisa Weinhold, 22 years old, is studying political science at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena in her first semester. During her bachelor's degree, she already had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Bergen, Norway and gain unique experience on an international level. Attending WorldMUN in Vancouver gives her the opportunity to gain insight into the work of the United Nations, conduct negotiations in English and meet other students from all over the world. In addition, participating in the World Model United Nations is a perfect complement to her current studies as she wants to focus on the field of international organizations and globalization as well as international relations.

The Faculty Advisor og the delegation is Patrick Rosenow.