Mun Heidelberg 2019

World Model United Nations

Delegation Jena
Mun Heidelberg 2019
Image: WorldMUN Jena

Welcome to our website. We are a changing group of students of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena which is traveling all over the world to learn first hand about diplomacy in MUNs or "Model United Nations". 

Model United Nations conferences simulate the United Nations, international organizations and state institutions, for instance the WHO, the African Union and ministries. During such conferences, participants represent certain countries, organizations and politicians to conduct debates on urgent international issues. The attendees work constructively during several committee meetings to contribute working papers and draft resolutions, which are then debated and finally voted on. Students from Harvard University and the host university moderate the meetings as chairs.

Participating at a MUN conference is an outstanding possibility to develop negotiation skills and to exercise mediation skills. Furthermore, one has the chance to work on solutions to important international issues, together with likeminded individuals from all over the world. Experiencing the diplomatic work at the UN directly will be an opportunity to broaden one’s mind and put a new perspective on international policy and politics. Through working in teams, delegates get valuable experiences and while they try to solve problems of international relevance, leadership skills can be improved. These leadership and organization skills, that delegates can acquire at MUN conferences, are very useful for any further career, especially in our times of rapid globalization. Only few students are given the possibility to participate at a global scale conference as big as WorldMUN.