Delegation Tokyo 2020

Delegation of Eritrea
Image: WorldMun Jena
Nadja Fabian Nadja Fabian Image: WorldMun Jena

Nadja Fabian (21) is a first semester M.A. student of Politics at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, where she also did her bachelor’s degree in sociology and political science. Last year she participated at the UNIGA, a simulation of the General Assembly organised by the university, where she represented the national interests of Peru. Following this enriching experience in diplomacy and the engagement with the United Nations, two fellow students and Nadja decided to re-establish the university group of the DGVN (Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen; German association of the United Nations). Nadja is very much looking forward to gaining the experience of representing different national interests and to diving into the political affairs of another country on an international level. She also hopes to improve her negotiating skills and to meet people from all over the world.

Louisa Sofie Kropp Louisa Sofie Kropp Image: WorldMun Jena

Louisa Sofie Kropp (23) is a third year B.A. student of Political Science and Sociology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. Since the visit of the FAO in Rome 2015, she was already able to gain insights into this special agency of the United Nations and which furthered her interest in the mechanisms of global organisations. Through the work as mentor for international students she believes in the importance of exchange with people from all over the world. The university deepens her interest for the UNO and now she is highly motivated to be part of the WorldMUN Delegation 2020 to improve negotiation strategies and dealing with a large number of different perspectives.

Laura-Sofie Lodders Laura-Sofie Lodders Image: WorldMun Jena

Laura-Sofie Lodders (23)is finishing her B.A. in Political Science and Public Law at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena. International relations and organizations have become more and more important to her, as the world grows closer together. As a travelling student experiencing and witnessing a variety of problems which concern the world, made her realise the importance of an organization like the United Nations. The UN has an open ear for every state’s concerns and indulges in many different fields to improve the living standard for the people. Therefor taking part in a simulation like the WorldMUN gives her the opportunity to experience how international politics are created, what conflicts can arise while discussing with people from other countries and to get a better understanding of different factors that matter in international diplomacy. She is convinced that these experiences will come in handy in the future in various situations.

Daniel Schäfer Daniel Schäfer Image: WorldMun Jena

Daniel Schäfer (22) is a fourth year B.A. student of political science and intercultural business communications at the Friedrich Schiller Universität. He successfully participated at the last WorldMUN and several MUNs in his home university as the delegation of the République du Tchad. In his free time, he is engaged for different national and international organizations focusing on European unity, security politics, international relations, and peace and conflict studies. This engagement expresses itself in attending conferences, meetings, hearings and other political events. He is looking forward to using his experience in the upcoming WorldMUN as part of a crisis comittee.

Marcel Schneuer Marcel Schneuer Image: WorldMun Jena

Marcel Schneuer (24) is in his final B.A. year of studying Political Science and Computer Science at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität. His focus is on Political Communication and Internet Policy. His interest in the Harvard WorldMun began with the UN Simulation in Jena and was enlarged during multiple seminars about international organisations and and his academic research about modern speeches and diplomacy. He hopes to advance his skills in speech writing and research about certain topics under time pressure, as well as in negotiating in a diplomatic context. He is also looking forward to the intercultural exchange with like-minded students and getting to know the city of Tokyo. 

Valerii Shkuropat Valerii Shkuropat Image: WorldMun Jena

Valerii Shkuropat (23) is doing his MA in Political Science at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. He studies how countries develop common policies within the framework of multilateral organizations, and how this, though not always explicitly, affects the lives of millions of people. Valerii believes that a plurality of views and experiences can create synergies in cooperation. This idea is embodied in his activity as a member of the TEDxUniJena team, which organizes events for students. In Ukraine, this belief has helped him bring together more than 300 volunteers from all over the country as part of a charity project to help children with cancer. From World MUN in Tokyo, Valerii expects to create ties with young professionals from around the world, as well as productive work in the spirit of a leading international organization. In his spare time, he enjoys debates and playing the ukulele.