Delegation Rome 2016

Delegation Namibia
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The delegation of six, consists of three double delegations in the Disarmament and International Security Committee - Elisa and Lena, the African Union - Christina and Cynthia, and the United Nations Human Rights Council with Ulrich and Gunnar.

The Delegates

Lena Stránská Lena Stránská Image: Lena Stránská

Lena Stránská, 24 years, student of International Relations and European Studies of the Palacký University in Olomouc has come to Jena for her Erasmus year. During her studies she focuses predominantly on African politics, international conflicts and security and external relations of the European Union. She is a multiple Model United Nations conferences participant who enjoys very much the art of diplomacy and hopes to broaden her skills during the WorldMUN 2016. Especially since she has not been a part of such a large conference before. She also cannot wait to visit the eternal city of Rome. Ever since she visited Zimbabwe many years ago her biggest dream is to become a career diplomat. In order to understand the world of diplomacy better she already fulfilled an internship at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Department of Sub-Saharan countries. In her free-time she enjoys time spent outside, regaining her energy from the nature. She likes to read, listen to music and jog. She also aims at knowing as many languages as possible, currently speaking and understanding on various levels six of them - English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Slovak.

Elisa Calzolari Elisa Calzolari Image: Elisa Calzolari

Elisa Calzolari, 25 years, student of the MA program Political Science at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, with focus on International Organizations and Globalization. Her main interest, besides of the United Nations and their organizations, lies on German Diplomacy. It is particularly import to gather an overarching understanding of International Diplomacy in order to succeed in this area. Therefore, she already gathered several international experience, inter alia studying abroad in Brussels and Salvador, Brazil, as well as doing internships in political institutions and organizations in Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Brussels. Since she spent great part of her adolescence in Rome and also has the Italian citizenship she is looking forward particularly to the WorldMUN in Rome with excitement and great expectations. Furthermore, she is convinced that the WorldMUN will give her a better understanding of diplomatic actions and handling in an international environment as well as strengthen her and the teams communication and negotiation skills.

Christina Gerantoni Christina Gerantoni Image: Christina Gerantoni

Christina Gerantoni, 20, is a Bachelor student on an Erasmus exchange in Jena.  She is trilingual in Greek, English and German, is learning Spanish and studies a tri-partite degree of Politics, Philosophy and Economics in the University of Warwick in the UK. Her degree examines each discipline separately but also studies the interactions between the three of them and she is currently looking into critical theory and feminist epistemology. She has been taking part in MUN since high school and has so far attended more than 20 conferences in various positions, starting from delegate to even President of the GA. Her personal highlight has been the WEMUNC conference in Beijing 2011. She has also participated in debating competitions and interned at the Ministry of Finance exercising a profound liking to politics and diplomacy. In her spare time she enjoys reading and watching movies as well as meeting up with friends. She believes that academic devotion should be accompanied with appropriate social interaction, both of which components MUN does in her experience cover satisfyingly.

Cynthia Möller Cynthia Möller Image: Cynthia Möller

Cynthia Möller, 24 years, currently studies Master of Education - Culture - Anthropology in her third Semester at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. She completed her undergraduate in Cultural History, European Ethnology and English also at this university. As a participant of Toronto’s York University’s project "TfTf" ("learning from the past - teaching for the future") her interest in human rights, genocide prevention and international politics started out. Political science with a special focus on international relations and the United Nations serves as the field of study for her to pursue these interests further. She sees her participation in WorldMUN conference in Rome as a chance to grow on a personal and also on a professional level outside the academic space. Since this is her first MUN experience, she considers this experience both as a challenge and an exciting venture. She aims to be a worthy representative of the Friedrich-Schiller-University and a good diplomatic partner in multilateral discussions.

Ulrich Schmid Ulrich Schmid Image: Ulrich Schmid

Ulrich Schmid, 24 years old, is a first semester student of the MA program political science at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany. His main focus lies on International Organizations and Globalization and International Relations. He completed his undergraduate studies in political science and sociology at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena as well. Once he gets his master’s degree, he plans to work as a diplomat at the German Foreign Office. While doing an internship at the German parliament he made his first practical experiences in this field. He has a strong interest in the United Nations and their work and is an active member of the United Nations Association of Germany. Two years ago he participated in a smaller UN-simulation (UNIGA Jena) in which he was a delegate of France and learned much about diplomatic etiquette and negotiations. The WorldMUN 2016 in Rome offers him a chance to collect new experiences in a wider international context with a variety of students from all around the world.

Gunnar Hamann Gunnar Hamann Image: Gunnar Hamann

Gunnar Hamann, 26 years old, completed his bachelor’s degree in German language and literature (major) and Political Science (minor) at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena in 2015 and is currently in his first semester of the MA program Political Science. He focuses on International Relations and Foreign Politics, but is also taking courses in International Organizations and Globalization. Although at first glance disconnected from political issues, he dealt with the construction of internet pseudonyms from a social identitary point of view in his bachelor thesis. But finding connections between apparently disconnected matters is what drives him, since it is his dream to work as a radio journalist, preferably in the political sphere. He is a member of the »United Nations Association of Germany« (DGVNand of the improvisation theater group »Rababakomplott«. Two seemingly different areas, which may join together at WorldMUN 2016 (also since Italy is the homeland of improvisation theater). He also participated at the university-internal UN simulation in Jena (UNIGA) and helped out as an usher two more times. At the WorldMUN his main interest is in understanding the dynamics of bargaining in practice and how cooperation is facilitated by the delegates.